Popstar or Pornstar Game

I scored 70% what did you score?

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Religious beliefs trump hurricane relief

Hurricane victims who wanted water had some difficulty finding it at a relief station in Clewiston Friday. The volunteer group running a supply center doesn’t like the company that donated the water, so they decided not to give it to those in line for help.

Twenty-two pallets of the canned water, distributed free by beer company Anheuser-Busch, bears the company’s label – and members of the Southern Baptist Convention refused to hand it out to those in need

WTF is wrong with people.

Optical Illusion

Do you want to go cross eyed and feel like you ate a bag of mushrooms
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Million Dollar Tattoo

OK well that one guy had a cool idea but the copy cats are getting SILLY
Check out this chick she has put up a knock off site and is planning on getting the thing tattooed across her back.

Internet Beggars are wonderful aren’t they

Smile I am a internet beggar

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Dog The Bounty Hunter

This guys got the best mullet I have seen in years.
I love the show and he rocks the mullet with true pride for the lord.