Harry the Nazi


Awesome Bathroom

This is just great. Does anyone know where this was taken? I want to get this installed in my home bathroom to freak out people who come over.

Maybe have the girls rotating or something would be cool
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Popstar or Pornstar Game

I scored 70% what did you score?

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Religious beliefs trump hurricane relief

Hurricane victims who wanted water had some difficulty finding it at a relief station in Clewiston Friday. The volunteer group running a supply center doesn’t like the company that donated the water, so they decided not to give it to those in line for help.

Twenty-two pallets of the canned water, distributed free by beer company Anheuser-Busch, bears the company’s label – and members of the Southern Baptist Convention refused to hand it out to those in need

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Optical Illusion

Do you want to go cross eyed and feel like you ate a bag of mushrooms
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